The saturation diving system is of modular construction, meaning that the major components of the diving system are built into individual crash frames which will also allow the system to be configured in different configurations to make maximum use of the space available on the barge or proposed dive ship.

The saturation diving complex and associated equipment is capable of supporting a 12 man diving team in 1 x 4 plus, 1 x 3 man bunk & 12 sitting HRC & 1 x 6 men chambers to a maximum working depth of 200 meters.

The design and certification for the diving system will be for a maximum design pressure of 200 meters.


The Saturation Diving System “Boss-Tin is Fully Certified, it supports up to 12 divers in saturation at depths of up to 200 MSW, it also conforms to all the legislation requirements of the UK HSE and IMCA.

The diving system pressure envelope comprises a 9 man, 33 Cu Mt, single lock chamber, a 3 man 11 Cu Mt,twin lock chamber, a 2,6 Cu Mt vertical transfer lock, a 6,5 Cu Mt 12 Man (SPHL) and a side mating 4,5 Cu Mt 3 man Bell.

The basic layout of the diving system & chambers are mounted on 2 large lifting frames (Bell Handling Module & Chamber Module) + lifeboat davit & support frame, all suitable for installation on an open deck.

The complex allows for up to 4 teams of divers to operate at the same or different depths optionally 3 teams whilst a fourth team is simultaneously decompressing.